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Detroit EV works exclusively with Superlite Cars to build and sell the Electolite Roadster and other Superlite EVs. Contact us for custom electrofication of other RCR and Superlite Cars.

Video of the EL-R @ Power of DC

Photos of the EL-R at Power of DC

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Electrolite Roadster Track & Road Data:
0-60 mph: 5 seconds
Range: 30-50 miles, depends on driving syle and batteries
Charge Time: 6 hours for full charge, plug in anywhere to top off

Electrolite Roadster Electric Vehicle Components:
Motor: WarP 9 DC Motor
Manual Transaxle
Controller: Zilla Z1K 1000amps
Charger: Manzanita Micro PFC30
Instrumentation: E-Meter & digital dashboard
Batteries: Lithium Ion 80ah Thundersky with BMS

Superlite Roadster Features on Electrolite Roadster:

  • Race bucket seats
  • Pair race harness seat belts
  • Quick disconnect steering wheel
  • 17 inch Aluminum wheels
  • 4 piston calipers at each wheel
  • 12 1/5 inch drilled rotors
  • CNC bent steel chassis tubing - Tig welded D.O.M.
  • Tubing suspension steel - Tig welded D.O.M.
  • Chromoly teflon rod ends for suspension
  • Powder coated chassis
  • CNC billet uprights
  • Corvette wheel bearings
  • CV joint stub axles
  • Digital dashboard gauge package
  • Labeled/color coded vehicle wiring harness

Contact John to custom order your Electrolite Roadster – 248.568.7107, info@detroitev.com